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Interview with Roth by - July 2012

Kathy Parsons of sat down and interviewed Roth about his album, "Translucent", as well as his upcoming album replicas de relojes and current concert performances.

"I reviewed Roth Herrlinger’s solo piano debut, Transluscent, earlier this year and really enjoyed it. Roth is currently working on music for his second piano CD as well as recordings of Native American flute. He also helps to establish businesses that can make this a healthier and happier world. Roth obviously has a very interesting story, so read on!"

Read Kathy's entire interview here.

You can also read her review of "Translucent" here.

"Translucent" Review By Wayne Lee - June 2009

Wayne Lee, former music critic for The Washington (DC) Times, The Seattle Times, Jazziz and other publications, reviews Roth Herrlinger's "Translucent":

"[Herrlinger's] melodies... invoke a spirit, create an atmosphere, paint a sensual world that one not only hears, but sees and feels. These are the mature compositions of a confident, spirited and emotionally honest songwriter.

There are no gimmicks here. These songs are technically proficient, stylistically consistent and firmly rooted in nature, family and faith. They show an abundant appreciation for simple pleasures and authentic experiences. Herrlinger hears the melodies of the living world and gives them life through his ear, heart and fingers....

This is music that will seep into your subconscious and nourish you with its sheer beauty."

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