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Peace Howl
Water Dance
Lovers’ Prayer
Circling Hawk
Canyon Call
Walking Elk
Gathering of Ancestors
Last Harvest
Tadpole Journey
First Light
A Thousand Steps
My Native American Flute CD
“Peace Howl”
is coming soon…

For now, enjoy some raw recordings.
Watch Roth Herrlinger (Native American double flute) and Sonny Davis (beatbox) jammin' in Camelot
Often the emotion that a composer believes is going into the composition does not reach the listener but with your music both the mood and emotion are presented to the listener on a silver platter. When I hear your music I feel transported to another time and place, away from the present with all of its cares and concerns. That feeling of being transported to another place and time is a rare gift to the listener from the composer. Your music communicates your musical thoughts to the listener so well that it is always worth a hearing.
-- J.T., music professional, Cincinnati, OH
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