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Roth Herrlinger lives in Santa Monica, CA, though he grew up in the Midwest. He has traveled to the far corners of the Earth, and his music bridges the world’s cultures and connects us with the essence of the ages.

His first solo instrumental piano album, “Translucent,” was released in early 2009. “When I sit at the piano, I open up to what will come through, and let inspiration lead as I lose myself in the music. All of these songs came from that source of inspiration; several of them are played note-for-note exactly as the first time they came through me.”

In 2007, he released “Silence Whispers” with acclaimed spiritual poet Devin Grace. Devin’s poems and Roth’s music weave a sweet, simple tapestry of devotion to Spirit. To listen to or purchase “Silence Whispers,” click here.

Roth began playing Native American flutes in 2005, and has felt more and more drawn to this instrument. “Native American flutes literally allow us to translate breath into music. It’s pure expression.” His first solo Native American flute album, Peace Howl, will be released in late 2009. To download his initial demo tracks, click here.

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